Bonneville New Record Holder 3

TT Race Headers '98-'06 Mk4 8V 2.0L 4 -1, 1 5/8"
[251 248]


I bought this header to replace the stock manifold as it had cracked. It takes a solid amount of maneuvering to get it into place, but it does fit, albeit snugly.
The only issue with the header was that the bar at the top end will not fit flush to the head as there is a small ridge on the head that keeps it from doing so. The fix is simple enough, just take a grinder to the dead middle of the two center runners and remove a 1/4 inch of material for a 1/2 inch in either direction. It fit perfectly after this.
The stock heat shield (which also supports the plenum) has to be modified so that the runners are free. We cut ours with a hacksaw.
Date Added: 08/14/2015 by Conner Glascock

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