40mm Stainless High Flow Intake Valve Hyd Lifter 8V (Audi 10v)


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Highflow Stainless Steel EV8 (21-4N), Hardened Tip (52 HRC), 40mm intake valve with 7mm stem necked down to 6.5mm for hyd lifter, 91.60mm overall length, Mk1 ’88-’93, Mk2 ’85-’92 1.8L 40mm heads and ’93-up 2.0L crossflow heads. 10 grams lighter than std 40mm 8mm stem valve. Higher flow than std. valve. Black nitride treatment reduces friction, improves heat dissipation and Valve guide wear. (To convert 8mm head to 7mm. Parts needed 109 221 intake valve guide, 109 290 7mm keepers, 109 085 (109 136 Titanium) upper retainers, 109 321 intake seals) 109109S

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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