TT 8V Hydraulic Lifter Camshaft (266° [AKA 270°] – Street)


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Techtonics 266° (AKA 270°) Hydraulic Sport Cam. Chilled hardened billet, 223° duration @ .050″, .448″ Lift, 112° lobe centers. 109075


Mk1 ’87-’93

Mk2 8v ’85-’92

Mk3 8v 2.0L ’93-’99 (’96-up Dual valve springs required #109 084A)

Mk4 8v 2.0L ’98-’06 (Dual valve springs required #109 084A)

Note: Heavy duty valves spring are needed for OBDII single valve spring engines

Note: Use Early lifter with Dual Springs

This cam works great for CIS lamda (CIS-E, CIS-KE) or Digifant and OBDII engines. (This is the best cam we have dynoed for the digifant fuel systems) (Will not fit Mk4 California Jetta ’03-’05 with 2.0L “BBW” engine) 109075.

This cam fits US spec 1.8L and 2.0L 8v Hydraulic lifter engines and many euro versions. If you have non US spec engine email us your year, model, size and engine code and we will check if ours cams will fit your engine.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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