Our Philosophy

We could have called this section “Our Philosophy of Business” or something fancy like that, but it’s really just a description of the way we feel about our business. So we’ll call it like it is: The way we feel. Here it is:

Everything in this catalog—and we do mean everything—has been tried and tested at Techtonics. Otherwise it wouldn’t be here. You may notice that this catalog is different from many VW and high performance catalogs you’ve seen. There’s a good reason for that.

Techtonics is probably a different sort of company from most of the other guys. We don’t sell dual windshield wipers, or $50 shift knobs, mainly because that’s not what we’re all about. We are performance oriented. this is what we call performance: something that works dependably to make the car faster. That’s the sort of stuff we like to sell. Techtonics stuff: parts that fit and that work. That’s why products like our Techtonics Tuned Exhaust and our Big Bore Kits have been such big sellers for us. We drive VW’s, our employees drive VW’s, and so do a lot of our friends—not to mention most of our customers.

We like VW’s and we work hard to make and sell parts that improve them for us, and for you. We like doing things our way, and we don’t mind being different. We think you’ll appreciate it too.

Darrell Vittone