40-42mm x 33-35mm Stainless 8V Hyd. Hi-Flow Valve Kit 7mm stem



Kit includes everything needed to convert your Mk1 ’88-’93, 1985-1992 Hydraulic lifter 8V cylinder head (’85-’92 GTI, GLI & Digifant Heads w/40mm intake valves std.) to Our Hi Flow Valve 40-42mm X 33-35mm (stainless) valves with 7mm stems, This complete kit includes 40-42mm intake valves with 7mm stems, 33-35mm exhaust valves with 7mm stems, 7mm tapered intake guides, 7mm tapered exhaust guides, 7mm keepers, 7mm chromoly upper retainers, 7mm stem seals and Our 109.081S HD or 109 081HL Valve Spring Set.

40mm & 41mm intake valves will fit std valve seats
42mm needs larger seats
33mm, 33.5mm & 34mm exhaust valves will fit std seats

Order 109 081HL or cam lifts over .460″

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

Valve Size Options

, , , ,

Retainer Option


Valve Spring Option



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